DK Putt Plumbing provides a gasfitting service for commercial and residential clients throughout the wider Auckland region.

Our professional service means you can be assured that all relevant safety standards and compliance regulations have been fully met.

Gas Gauge


New installations, repairs and servicing of new and old gas water units, stoves and heaters.

Gas Heaters & Appliances

Installation and repairs to Natural Gas and LPG water heaters, stoves, BBQs, and room heating systems.

Hot Water Cylinders

Repairs and installation of all brands of gas hot water systems.


Installation, servicing and repairs of gas water units and stoves.


Installation, servicing and repairs of gas hot water heating units.


Gas BBQ systems

Gas Gauge

We have a 24/7 emergency call out service for your convenience – 0800 357 888.


Contact DK Putt Plumbing for your gas fitting needs or to discuss with us the upgrading of your old gas appliances or hot water system.